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Maddox's Market April 2022

We were so honored to be a part of the first even Maddox's Market on April 30th in Murrieta, Ca.

This event was organized by Think Play Magic (IG @thinkplaymagic) in honor of their beautiful son Maddox. It is going to be a twice yearly event bringing together families and local vendors to celebrate Autism awareness.

We met so many wonderful families and local companies and enjoyed live music and way too much good food.

One theme we noticed after talking to families is a theme we are all too familiar with- it is confusing, time consuming, and difficult to find services for children. We are happy that we were able to answer questions and offer recourses for many families, but it reinforced our mission to provide more outreach at local events just like this.

We also are looking forward to being a part of many Maddox's Markets in the future!!

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