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Financial Assistance Program

Families hit many barriers when it comes to funding developmental therapies for their child...

Insurance coverage of services typically comes with high deductibles and high copays, making it difficult to afford.  Insurance companies also place limits on the duration and frequency of sessions, often ignoring the therapist recommendations. 

Funding sources often serve as case managers, serving their own agenda to save money rather than prioritizing the child's needs. 

Government programs designed to help fund services are underfunded, require children to be severely delayed to qualify for services, and offer limited services to those who qualify.

Many service providers are moving toward "private pay only" models due to difficult processes and restrictions put in place by insurance and government funding sources, significantly limiting the number of families that can afford their services.

To ensure children are able to receive the amount, frequency, and type of therapy their child needs, we are offering financial assistance. 

To request more information and apply for the program, please click the link below.


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